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Cryotherapy treatments for pain management, athletic recovery, detoxification, and a variety of other ailments

Teams already benifiting from Cryotherapy

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the secret to his success...

"The Real Madrid star has had his own ‘ice-box’ Cryotherapy chamber fitted. And with two three-minute sessions a week he has taken his already incredible strength and fitness to another level."


9 -12 March 2018

Get ready to #PlayFreezeRepeat at the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018

Recover from your training programme, become race-ready and help us collect water for Cape Town.
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Who is Cryozone?

Cryozone South Africa are the proud agents and distributors of KrioSystem Life through a partnership with Polish company KrioSystem Life Sp., who offer the world’s first Mobile Cryochamber and world class Cryotherapy treatment products.

While the company was established in 1991, work began in 1974 on Kriopan, at the Experimental Department of Low Temperatures at the Polish Academy of Science.

This company specializes in Cryogenic Technologies to produce Cryochamber apparatus for medical, scientific and industrial applications. These are the devices for Cryodestruction, KS-2 and local Cryotherapy treatment named KRIOSAN.

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What is Cryotherapy?

Cryo, meaning cold or low temperature, is a Whole Body Cryotherapy, an intensive cold treatment, originally designed to treat circulatory diseases, and since adapted for use in elite sportsmen to enable rapid recovery and rehabilitation.
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Cryozone Products

Cryochamber apparatus for medical, scientific and industrial applications.
local cryotherapy

Designed by specialists from the Cryotherapy area, adapted to the local-body application of liquid nitrogen vapour at a temperature of -160°c.

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whole body cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is rehabilitation and biological renewal, a vital treatment in
physiotherapy at temperature range; -110°c to -160°c

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The KS-2 device uses nitrogen as the cooling medium, which allows you to get the treatment temperature to about -196°c.

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