Mobile Cryochamber

The world’s first mobile unit with an independent, integrated cooling system and built-in power generator.

Why Mobile?

One of the main advantages of the mobile Cryochamber is the fact that it can be placed at any location, with no need for special preparation of the area inside the building, allowing you to perform the Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments next to health centres, or in the case of sportsmen, next to stadiums or training centres.

The mobile Cryochambers can be powered from an external source, or by the built-in generator, which is installed inside the container. A built-in tank for liquid nitrogen allows independent operation of the chamber, however, it is possible to connect an external tank.   Mobile Cryochambers are used for Whole Body treatments each lasting about 3 minutes. To date, it has been very well received by patients.

After each treatment, the patient should have 30 minutes of exercise to sustain and increase the effect of the treatment.

Safety Systems

  • Double independent temperature sensors; 2 in treatment chamber and 2 in technical room

  • Nitrogen leakage prevention system; automatically cut-offs of nitrogen when abnormalities are detected)

  • Tank with full protection system from Air Products; three-way valve with an additional safety valve

  • Sound and light alarm which notifies low-level of oxygen

  • Alarm system to avoid staying too long in treatment chamber

  • Emergency button for patients in the treatment chamber

  • Emergency lighting in case of failure of the power supply

  • Intercom audio system that allows vocal contact between the patient and therapist

  • Stand-by module that allows carrying out the treatments without turning-off the chamber

Mobile Cryochamber Parameters

  • Container dimensions; 7005 x 2435 x 3015 mm

  • Maximum amount of patients; 3

  • Supply; external and internal (built- in power generator)

  • Cooling medium; liquid nitrogen

  • Type of supply of nitrogen; internal tank

  • Container interior; user-friendly tilia-wood make walls

  • Temperature range in treatment chamber; -110°c to -160°c

  • Pre-chamber temperature; -60°c ± 5°c

  • Time of treatment; 30 sec. to 3 min.

  • Gradient of temperature in cryochamber; ± 1°c

  • Time of cooling; 45-50 min. to -160°c

  • Breathing air supplier to the chamber; > 35 m3/h

  • Nitrogen consumption during cooling phase; ca. 100 kg

  • Nitrogen consumption during treatment; ca. 90 kg/h

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