Kriosan K

Controlled and Effective Local Cryotherapy


Local Cryotherapy is a treatment based on a stimulating use of cryogenic temperature below 100°c in order to induce, and make use of, physiological reactions to cool temperatures, which support treatment of diseases and mobility dysfunctions.

The best equipment for local treatment is the KRIOSAN.
Local cryotherapy being applied to patient


The KRIOSAN is designed by specialists from the Cryotherapy area, adapted to the local-body application of liquid nitrogen vapour at a temperature of -160°c. It has been equipped with a modern control panel, including colour display and transparent operating buttons, which make it easy to operate.

The KRIOSAN has been certified by medical laboratory Predom-OBR, and was placed in the Register of Medical Devices.

Therapeutic Effects of Local Cryotherapy

  • Raising pain threshold levels

  • Treatment of local hyperaemia

  • Reduction of muscle tension

  • Activity reduction of inflammatory processes

  • When combined with Kinesitherapy, it increases joint mobility and muscle strength

  • Shortened period of convalescence after sport injuries

  • When applied immediately after burn injuries, the skin heals without infection and scars.

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