KS-2 Apparatus
for Cryosurgery

Controlled and Effective Local Cryotherapy


KS-2 apparatus for cryodestruction is a mobile device that offers painless and bloodless cryosurgery treatments on an outpatient basis.

Designed for quick and efficient local tissue freezing by interchangeable cryotips (cryoaplicators) for a closed contact and for an open ended method.


Kriosystem Life Company also offer smaller devices for local treatment and cryosurgery.

KS-2 for Cryosurgery

KS-2 is used for carrying out professional Cryosurgery treatments. The KS-2 device uses nitrogen as the cooling medium, which allows you to get the treatment temperature to about -196°c.

For the customer, we offer different versions of the sets, as well as the treatment ends and contact spray.

Medicine Applications

  • Dermatology

  • Gynaecology

  • Colorectal surgery

  • Proctology

  • Laryngology

  • Oral surgery

  • When applied immediately after burn injuries, the skin heals without infection and scars.

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Cryosurgery Apparatus
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